Kenall Indigo-Clean

Indigo-Clean (MedMaster M4SEDIC) supports the surgical team, the patient and the surgical suite’s critical environment

ic-or-img-wtext-02-w300What Makes Indigo-Clean Unique?

  • Continuous environmental disinfection kills bacteria missed during routine cleaning
  • Indigo-Clean is NOT UV light… it uses safe 405nm visible light
  • Automatically kills bacteria reducing risk of human error
  • Kills bacteria in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces
  • No special or additional training required
  • Light is safe for patients and caregivers
  • Products can be applied to balance cost effectiveness and visual preference for your application
  • Different modes are used to increase disinfection

For more information, visit–Events/Products/M4-Featuring-Indigo-Clean

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